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Josan Oulite

ZHEJIANG JOSAN OULITE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is located in Zhejiang province Wuyi Qin Tong industrial area of Lantau Peak. Professional technical and production capacity the company has developed the design and manufacture all kinds of modern special industrial door, and provide on-site installation and is responsible for repair and maintenance services. At present the main professional production engineering, at the same time according to special customer specifications and the specific functions of the professional design and production to meet the different needs of customers.

Zhejiang Josan oulite product development industry limited company constantly absorb and fusion of the world advanced technology, in accordance with the actual use of various doors required for reasonable design, adopts the technology of frequency conversion adjusting the opening and closing speed in the driving system and the use of microwave remote sensing in electrical system and automatic control, ensure to provide customers with products hoist stable, reliable operation, to achieve product safety and efficiency.

The company will be as in the past, always adhere to the “ the pursuit of perfection, keep on carving, quality first, the credibility of the supremacy of ” for the spirit of enterprise, pioneering and enterprising, pragmatic innovation, committed to providing quality products and services for the community and the vast number of consumers, and strive to promote the prosperity and development of China door.

ZHEJIANG JOSAN OULITE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD will be a unique design, advanced technology, excellent service wholeheartedly for the customers into the new century opened the door of hope.